About Us

At K.O.S. Power Washing we strive to give our customers extreme satisfaction with every exterior cleaning service we provide! K.O.S Powerwashing specializes in cleaning methods that are designed specifically with the care of your home in mind! No more damaging HIGH PRESSURE CLEANING!

Our Services

Services include: Power washing, soft washing, roof cleaning, surface cleaning such as concrete and decks, rust removal, efflorescence stain removal, wood restoration, concrete sealing and more!


We promise to be on time to every session booked however if there is an unforeseen hurdle that causes us to be late, we will give you a good window heads up


Power washing has a lot to do with cleaning and we are great at giving you the cleanest job possible! We take pride in making homes brand new again

High Quality Service

We guarantee a high quality service for your power washing session! We will showcase how KOS power washing does things the right way


K.O.S. Power Washing

Phone: 256-486-5000

Instead of just any power washing, this is power washing done right. Choose the safe, soft, and smart way to clean.


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