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We at K.O.S. have adopted a SOFT WASH cleaning method. This allows us to clean with minimal pressure, operating at only around 200 PSI to both treat and clean the surfaces of your home! In comparison to upwards of 4000 psi from the other guys! SOFT WASHING consist of a pretreatment of all surfaces being cleaned. This pretreatment is a blend of surfactants and chemicals designed to attack the living fungi on said surfaces at a deeper level. Simply said, K.O.S kills all fungi rather than just removing and leaving behind living organisms that rapidly regrow.This is not only MUCH SAFER on your home but also provides a longer lasting clean due to completely killing all fungi! Cody takes pride in offering his customers the comfort of knowing that their home is being handled with EXCELLENT CARE!!! So let's all choose the SOFT, SAFE, and SMART way to clean!

K.O.S Powerwashing is a locally owned company serving all of North Alabama! K.O.S is owned and operated by Cody Kirkland. Cody has grown his business and believes in continual improvement when discovering newer and safer ways to provide an optimal clean without using damaging HIGH PRESSURE to simply strip away the grime. The risk of actual PRESSURE WASHING can void warranties of materials such as your homes siding, windows, and shingles. We strive to give our customers extreme satisfaction with every exterior cleaning service we provide! K.O.S Powerwashing specializes in cleaning methods that are designed specifically with the care of your home in mind! No more damaging HIGH PRESSURE CLEANING!!! How do we do it??? After hours upon hours of research we discovered that the use of HIGH PRESSURE is completely unnecessary in most cases!

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K.O.S. Power Washing

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Instead of just any power washing, this is power washing done right. Choose the safe, soft, and smart way to clean.


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