What We Do

Here is a list of services we provide at K.O.S. Power Washing

Surface Cleaning

Cleaning of Flat Surfaces such as concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, and more. Cleaning method usually consist of a pre-treatment, deep clean, and post-treatment. Process may vary depending on condition of surface prior to being cleaned and material of surface being cleaned. This process ensures our customers a gentle but effective and long lasting clean.

Soft Wash House Wash

Our Soft Wash House Wash service provides you the customer with a sense of relief knowing that we at K.O.S. can give you an amazing clean that last longer while cleaning at extremely low pressure. What this means is that we don't just remove the mildew and grime off the siding of your home with damaging high pressure and leave behind living organisms and fungi that will easily come back. We carefully treat every square inch of your home with our specialized detergents and algaecids that kill all living organic material. Doing this breaks down the root system and forces it to release itself from the surface of your home. Then all dead and loose matter is simply rinsed away.

Roof Treat And Clean

This service varies between different roofing material such as shingle, metal, cedar plank, and tile. Service includes removing of algae, mildew, moss, and organic staining. However if there is an excessive amount of organic build up on roof the cleaning results will not be 100% immediately. This does not result in a waste of time/money. Heavily covered areas will still come clean it will just take some time. Detergents applied will continue to work and clean each time it rains. End result being a perfectly clean roof!

Why Roof Maintenance Is A Must

If left neglected algae and mildew can migrate under shingles and roofing material and find it's way into your attic space. This over time can result in wood rot and structural damage and even health issues due to air contaminants. Also cleaning your roof regularly will help cut down on those high electrical bills! By removing the algae/ mildew covering the roof it helps to reflect the sunlight and not store as much heat on those miserable Alabama summer days! Last regular maintenance on treating your roof can drastically increase the lifespan of you shingles! Potentially saving you thousands on premature roof replacement!

Wood Cleaning / Restoration

This service varies depending upon state, aging, and finish of wood surface. K.O.S. restores and cleans all wooden surfaces with extreme care. We provide this clean by utilizing our soft washing method.

Commercial Cleanings

We offer a wide variety of commercial cleanings. From hotels to hospitals we clean it all! Our service area expands to areas such as Nashville, Chattanooga, South Alabama, and parts of Georgia!